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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Urban Outfitters + F21

1. Oh my lord how I desire that romper. It would be the most lovely Coachella outfit. However, I am sure I would meet about 100 of my twins wearing the same thing. Urgh.

2. I have been patiently waiting for some cheap cheap cheap Alexander Wang knockoffs.


Is Love's Beth cover a Ditto of NME's? No

A couple of Arcatistes have drawn my attention to the claim that Love's recent debut Beth Ditto cover is a rip-off of NME's Ditto cover in 2007 (left). I think not.

Whereas NME's is done in vulgar readers' wives style, with the clear intention to fetishise Ditto's voluptuous curves for the purpose of male self-pleasuring (consider the magazine's core readership), Love's is an asexual aestheticising of her form (given that the title is high fashion/art, gay, guest cunt-cock-cocking [ie straight female gay friendly]).

NME has stained Ditto's body with a tan hue: a visual trope of soft porn imagery. Red coverlines subliminally comfort the viewer in a tabloid red-top ambience while the red kiss lips mark on her buttock cheek is both playful and defiant, a common attitude struck by glamour models: a fake frisson is enticing to those who require the simulacrum of will in a sex doll. Ditto bears a Victorian-style come-hither countenance, her lips parted for the fantasy possibility of a reader blow-job, her hair bottled brunette because blonde would not work against the yellowy-gold background, redolent of the sun/Sun - however, given the model's colouring, brunette is most unsuitable here which is paradoxical perfection: colour clash reassures she's human, lower class, not quite with alienating perfecting. At its most extreme this cover is a poster for the taste that finds expression in the movie Feed.

Love's cover is more suggestive of classless exclusion: you are invited merely to admire the thing on the canvas, not to auto-eroticise, not to take part. The light-bleaching of Ditto's body transmutes flesh to stone (white marble?), the deep purple of closed lips hints at sexual unavailability if not death in its advance stage. Ditto's eyes are closed; she is lost in her own world (or dead again?); the viewer's role in this exhibition is to stand back in awed respect, as an aspirant window shopper with nose pressed against Harvey Nicks glass. Fat folds are light minimised, one is not encouraged to be prurient: the red copper hair exists only for one purpose: to set off for complementary effect the mint green background. The squiggly cover-choral-lines both artfully accentuate Ditto's natural curves and script editorial unorthodoxy and personalisation. Ditto's pink, ruched fig-leaf connotes a stylish and witty portcullis to further inquiry.

On other matters, an Arcatiste has kindly referred me to the website of Terry Richardson - the Love photographer whom I described as "off my radar". I now realise why - this is his mother ...

Terry's website

bag lady

Friday, February 27, 2009


I went to the debut 2009 fashion show for FIDM tonight is Santa Monica and, frankly, I just didn't even want to try and compete with all the gals I knew were gonna show up dressed to the nines. Surely they would look way too fabulous. My resolution? Complete hobo garb. Oh yes.

Paige calls these ancient Calvin Klein's my "all terrain boots." Haha. I was very thankful for them when the ladies around me were struggling to walk on the heavily-cracked asphalt in their stilettos. 

The show was pretty stupendous, I must say. Is it horrible to say I was a teensy bit surprised by this?? Gems of designs graced the runway.

Also, I got my teeth cleaned today for the first time in TWO YEARS. Yes, I am filthy. I didn't have any cavities/plaque buildup/unhealthy gum tissue though!! Haha see!

H&M potato bag sweater, calvin klein boots, misc. earrings and rings, Target bag.

Smile for me, darling babies.
-Molly Shameless

Gothic Weddings

Your wedding should be a reflection of your love as a couple, your personalities, and your values. Goths are usually very romantic at heart, so it's certainly not unheard of for goths to get married. In spite of occasional discrimination from vicars confusing gothic lifestyle with satanism, handfastings and blood devotion vows are now common enough that there's nothing to stop a gothic bride and groom adding official weight to their love in a way that holds some meaning for them.

Unfortunately, discrimination can occur if a gothic couple are opting for a traditional church wedding. Often, vicars will refuse to perform the ceremony if they feel the couple is 'un-Christian'. Local newspapers will refuse to print pictures of goth couples in their wedding galleries. Unfair discrimination - as usual. As many goths follow various pagan religions, they often choose to have pagan handfasting ceremonies instead of a traditional wedding. Handfasting is a pagan ritual (duh) which symbolises a bond between lovers, but unlike a marriage ceremony is not legally recognised. Handfasting can be performed at any age.

Fleur-De-Lys Pantyhose

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Today I wore the Emeline Fleur-De-Lys Pantyhose that I bought a while back from Stockingirl. I love the unique fleur-de-lys pattern, and thought it looked quite nice on the pictured model.
I should have taken a closer look at the picture, however, because I mistakenly though it was a sheer nylon pantyhose with the fleur-de-lys pattern on top. Instead, it is more of a net tight with the pattern knitted in. At any rate it is still a very nice looking pair of pantyhose, and sure to look unlike anything else you might have, which is something that is always personally appealing to me.
It's reasonably priced at $14. It is available in black only.
My only gripe is one that I've had with Stockingirl products before: the dreaded "One size fits most". Again, I am tall but not freakishly tall or anything. My legs are about 31 inches long and from most retailers, I've never had trouble finding tights or pantyhose long enough for my legs. I have had this problem a few times with Stockingirl, though, for some reason.
It's not all bad, as these did fit me, and did so without the pattern looking stretched out and distorted too. But these tights don't have a lot of give and, as I was first putting them on, it looked like they might not be tall enough for me. With enough tugging and maneuvering, however, I was able to get there. Despite this, they remained comfortable and in place on me all day long. The look great and feel similar to a fishnet.
If you like the looks of these, and you don't consider $14 to be a lot of money to spend on pantyhose, I suggest you get these. They certainly aren't disappointing. But if you're looking to be blown away by a pair of pantyhose, this might not be the best place to look. Overall, I guess I'd rate them at about average to slightly above.

A New Addiction?

So shortly after my "should I or shouldn't I" post about knee highs, I get a comment from my shopping addiction enabler friend pointing me towards a little site called Sock Dreams. Needless to say I've been wasting away most of the afternoon checking out countless amounts of women's socks, or in particular the knee highs that I allegedly didn't like about 24 hours ago. Probably also needless to say, I now have yet another female undergarment to spend my days searching out and wishing for. Honestly, I'm wondering if it's time to consider throwing out my male undergarments and socks to create more room.

So yesterday I was wondering if I should buy some knee high socks and if I would enjoy wearing them from time to time as an alternative to my tights, stockings, or thigh highs. I found some knee highs from Transperenze to be quite pretty and appealing. I wasn't sure however, if I'd really like them as much as tights and stockings or if they weren't as nice. Next thing I know, I have a link to the Polonova Klimt Spiral Trouser Socks in my comments section. Do I love them? Do you even have to ask?

They are sheer in either black, red, olive, and burgundy. They then have a swirl pattern that starts at the toe and continues up the leg to just beneath the cuff. They could be mine for $20. Just in case there was any question, I want them....in every color. I love the way they look on the models legs, I can just imagine the way they look on my feet and legs...I want to wear them now.

Of course I'm not done. Oh no. There are plenty more. Like say for example, the Florence Trouser Socks. They have a geometric floral pattern that is supposedly designed to change as it moves. That sounds interesting, doesn't it? Above the pattern is a wide flat cuff. The website assures me that these will keep these comfortably up for all the fun I'm going to be having in them......oh really??

They are 95% nylon and 5% spandex. They're available in black or ivory. I'm a bit partial to the black. Although, I'm already thinking to myself, "At $8, I could really get both colors couldn't I?" I think you see where I'm going with this.

But I'm not done. I could also go with the Printed Trouser Socks. Once again, at only $8 I could go in a few different directions. Oh there's brick wall, cheetah, crocodiles, stars, you name it. Honestly though, I'm kind of liking the blue harlequin. I think those are quite nice.

The multi-colored diamond patterns look pretty good. I think I want them. They are 80% nylon 20% spandex.

So which ones do I end up with? Do I buy them all? I guess you'll have to stay tuned and see.

...and thanks again....Treacle.

Flight Attendants by Brian Finke

New project of Brian Finke is devoted to the air hostesses during their work and leisure time. Brian used the services of such airlines as Delta, JetBlue, Hawaiian, Southwest, Song Airlines and even Hooters Air. Moreover, female employees of Air France, Qantas, British Airways, Air Asia, Thai, Tiger, ANA and Cathay Pacific also feature on some of his photos. As a bonus you can find Brian’s previous photosession about cheerleaders, called “2 4 6 8″.

Source: brianfinke