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Creative ArtWorks by Denis Zilber

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Denis Zilber is an illustrator from Ramat Gan, Israel. I really like how he gives the characters in his illustrations their own vivid personality by giving them those amazing gestures and expressions.

New Year Glitter

Thanks to all who have been reading over the past year. Whether this is the first post you've come across, or you've been here since the very beginning, I appreciate each and every one of you.

Before I sign off for the year, I thought I'd end things up with a little bit of glitter. Seems to go well with the approaching festivities:

Touch of Gold by Guia La Bruna

2 pc. Silver Sequin Pin Up Set by Leg Avenue

2 pc. Red Sequin Halter Bra and Bikini by Babygirl Boutique

See you all in 2010...

Prince Philip censored Molly Parkin sex chapter in James Robertson Justice book

Isn't it a fright? I learn that a book celebrating the life of the late British comic actor James Robertson Justice was censored by Prince Philip.

James Robertson Justice: What's the Bleeding-Time? was published in paperback last year with a Foreword by the Duke of Edinburgh. But before publication the Prince read the book in manuscript and took exception to graphic sex scenes described in the Hello Molly chapter which chronicles the bawdy, enchanting romance between the actor and the former Sunday Times and Nova fashion editor, novelist, poet and painter (and my gorgeous fiancĂ©e) Molly Parkin.

The Prince was so appalled that he threatened to withdraw his Foreword if the chapter wasn't removed - or at least toned down. And so the chapter was laundered by royal command.

Molly tells me: "I was saddened by how much of the fun was excluded about our love affair. All the adventurous sexual stuff, like inserting the bedside strip-lighting in my twatty (a la Fatty Arbuckle). And the easing of a soapy toothbrush up my arsehole. All at his deflowering of me at the age of 22, in the Cadogan Hotel, Belgravia.

"He claimed I needed to familiarise myself, get on friendly terms with every orifice. I trusted everything he said.

"All that juiciness was in the original manuscript. I understand Prince Philip was vehement in his disapproval and had refused the inclusion of his Foreword unless my chapter was toned down (preferably withdrawn).

"So it's a painfully shortened chapter with all the spunk drained out of it. James would not have been pleased!"

This is a pity. I should have thought that such sexual detail would sell more copies than some anodyne words from Prince Philip. News that James Robertson Justice had a highly imaginative libido and a penchant for DIY sex toys makes him sound most fascinating.

Madame Arcati recommends that the book be reissued with the old chapter restored and Prince Philip's Foreword fed into the shredder.

Picture above of Molly Parkin by Tommy Candler

James Robertson Justice as Sir Lancelott Spratt in Doctor in the House (1954)

Make an Invisible Bottle

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A great video explaining how to make a bottle invisible. Cool trick.

American Photo Images of the Year 2009

Here are the winners and finalists of American Photo Images of the Year 2009. The winning entries of this competition are divided in different categories such as: extreme, photojournalism, personal works, student works, commercial works, portraiture and nature.

Source: popphoto