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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Those damn LV amazingssss
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Smile, babes.

Beautiful Portrait Photography By Andrzej Dragan

Andrzej Dragan artist has a wonderfully gifted mind with a PhD in quantum physics and an amazing eye for creating a story within an a single image.

He is is on the list of two hundred best advertising photographers according to the prestigious magazine Lurzer's Archive and was nominated for the prize in Cannes lions in the area advertising photography.

More Floral Tights

One of my recent purchases from tights manufacturer, Oroblu, is the Cherie Fashion Tights. Few in my collection are prettier and more detailed than these. They are cream colored tights done in a very soft micro-net material. I can't stress enough how soft these are. They feel like the smoother sheer tights on, and may even look so from a distance, but, up close, you can see that these are actually net.

All over the tights is a lovely floral pattern, done in white. It begins up at the sheer waist and continues throughout the tights all the way down to the sheer toe. The toe is finished with a flat seams. In addition the tights have a cotton gusset.

Honestly, I'm not sure I can do these tights any justice with my words and descriptions. Just look at the picture and you'll see all you need to know. Who couldn't use a pair of tights with such an intricate pretty design? The best part is, they feel great too, from the moment you put them on in the morning to when you take them off at night, you'll look great and feel pretty as well. I consider these a must have.

The tights are 92% polyamide and 8% elastane. In addition, they are 30 denier. They retail for a very reasonable £11.95 and they are made in Italy. I am very glad I got these, they instantly became one of my favorites. I plan on wearing them a lot.

Roman Polanski: Danny DeVito vs Madame Arcati ....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Actor Danny DeVito writes to Madame Arcati via Twitter, in answer to my question about whether Roman Polanski should be returned to the US, "He was forgiven. Let it be." I'm not so sure ....

I've just read the Samantha Gailey (now Geimer) transcript in the 1977 Roman Polanski sexual assault case before the LA grand jury. The details refresh one's sense of shock. I think he should go back to the US for sentencing.

The 13-year-old girl relates being plied with champagne and a Quaalude by Polanski at Jack Nicholson's house, given oral sex by him (she calls it "cuddliness") before he placed his penis inside her vagina. While they had sex "I was mostly just on and off saying 'No, stop,'" she says.

After asking her if she was on the Pill, and when she last had her period (she couldn't recall), he had second thoughts about vaginal sex and suggested sodomy, or as he put it, "Would you want me to go in through your back?" She didn't resist this "because I was afraid of him". He climaxed inside her.

His conduct was plainly predatory and abusive and I don't see that a 32-year delay in sentencing should make any difference. I also think he should get the award he's due from the Zurich Film Festival. There are plenty of cunts around who win awards - some of them are trying to get him released now.

Read the testimony

Rita Moreno and The Muppet Show

Animal, the Muppet Drummer, plays drum so as Rita couldn’t sing! SO Hilarious!

The Best Movie Poster Mashups

B3ta had a contest with the rules being: Take any film you wish, and photoshop the scenery, characters or titles into the style of a famous movie poster for a different film... The results are awesome.