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double double toil and trouble

Friday, October 31, 2008

yes that is the title of a MKA movie. haha.

These are today's outfits (one was at school, the other is for the rest of the evening). The sequin pants + the blazer was getting a tad toasty.

My nana gave me these sequin beauties a little over six months ago, and I am not gonna lie-I didn't think I could ever really wear them, though I really wished I could pull them off. I braved it up today, however, and rocked them at school. I'm pretty sure everyone thought it was some sort of a costume. Some people asked me what I was. I just said "Oh, no. This is the real deal. I'm seriously just wearing these as pants cause I like them." I'm a loser.

Currently watching Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab and waiting to go get some coffee/see a movie. I am pretty sure this show would be nothing with out Gary Busey...he is a nutcase. And I love it.

Sequin pants: random/marvelous gift from Nana
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters (The Beautiful Ones)
Blazer- church rummage sale
Oxfords- F21

Headband- Urban Outfitters
Shirt- F21
Jeans- Express
Gladiators- F21

Smile for me, baby. And even though I hate it: happy halloween.
-Molly Shameless


Last night Barack Obama came to my school! My friends and I volunteered at 4 o'clock to help sign people into the event and pass out tickets. Here's us looking oh-so-official and volunteer-y:

Because we volunteered we were able to get into the event early, which was wonderful considering that people had been lining up all day for an event that didn't actually start until 9:30. We were about fifty feet away and had a fairly uninterrupted view of Obama for the entire speech. He discussed his policies on education, taxes, and the Peace Corps, (which I am particularly excited about, considering that if his plan is implemented I would get a significant amount of money for college!). His main message, which I would say is my my main message and reason for posting this, was to VOTE ON NOVEMBER 4TH! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening of hanging out with friends, cheering on Obama, crying when Haley's car broke down, getting McDonald's, and MAKING HISTORY!

Photos courtesy of my beautiful friend Marion, the one next to me in the top pic with the sexy short haircut. 

Smile for me, baby. (And get out there and vote on Tuesday!)

Watch Me on Cable

I bought these Hue Sheer Cable Control Top pantyhose ages ago, but I finally got around to wearing them today. Hue has always been one of my favorite brands, when it comes to stockings and tights. They have a variety of different styles and they all look and feel great. More importantly, you can't beat the price.

Now that the temperature has been dropping somewhat, I am getting the chance to break the tights back out. Hue offers a line of "Fashion Chic" patterned tights. Who doesn't enjoy the patterned tights as a change of pace from the everyday stuff, that you can often get bored with?

These are black with a cable pattern stitched in. Very cute. They are a blend of 87% nylon and 13% spandex. Unfortunately, this style only comes in control top, but it's pretty comfortable, as control top goes, so I can't complain. As with all of Hue's products, they are very affordable, which is good when you've been spending too much time at the Wolford store. You can find these at a variety of department stores or at the Hue store, if you're lucky enough to have on close by. I have to drive about 20 miles to get to one so I don't visit it very often. Of course, you can always just hit their website. Visiting there myself, I'm noticing that there are some new items on there. Can't wait to give them a try. Don't forget to take advantage of their "3 for $21" promotion which never ends.

"the world worships the original"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally wore this praire-esque shirtdress from Target. Its been hanging out (literally) in my closet for about 3 months now. I snagged it for $6 bucks on sale. Target is pretty fabulous with their sales, no?

I was digging the sort of old hollywood vibe of the dress (with its waistline, length, and the fullness of the skirt). I felt so Ingrid-Bergman-going-out-for-a-summer-lunch in it, especially with my vintage-inspire shades, which made me quite happy.

The last picture is slightly awkward, of this I am aware. I suppose I just liked the movment in it. Hair blowing in the wind. Mid-step. Hand coming up to get hair out of face (haha). I'm not gonna lie, I felt slightly glamorous looking at this shot afterwards...

Dress- Merona for Target
Belt- Thrifted
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
Shoes- just recently noticed the brand of these cheap shoes...and its called Delicious. haha.
Clutch- Vintage

Smile for me, baby.
-Molly Shameless

Tug of War - Stupid Version

Star Wars and Star Trek Dollar Origami

Won Park has created versions of the Millennium Falcon and the Starship Enterprise made from real money - the Falcon alone is made from three individual dollar bills. That's $497 cheaper than the LEGO version, at least.

Source: deviantart

8th China Wuhan International Acrobatics Art Festival

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The festival, one of the major acrobatics events in the country, is scheduled to run from October 25 to 31, attracting performers from over 12 countries.