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Tights Tuesday: MaxMara Gibus Tights

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pictured to the right are the Gibus Tights by MaxMara. In case you're reading one of my MaxMara reviews for the first time, I'd just like to reiterate, I love MaxMara. If I could only wear one brand of tights for the rest of my life, there's a pretty good chance they'd be MaxMara. That is why I couldn't be happier that they are this week's pick of the week from UK Tights, the only place to find MaxMara tights. I mean that, too. I walked into the MaxMara store a few blocks away from here, and they had a smaller selection of their own tights than UK Tights did. How can that happen? You're a MaxMara store!

The thing that sets MaxMara apart from just about anything else I've tried, is how soft they are. It's really difficult to find the words to describe exactly how soft they are. Just know that they feel positively amazing on the legs. I don't know what their secret is, but they just feel amazing from the second you put them on to whenever you take them off. This is the 4th or 5th different pair of tights I've tried from MaxMara, and that much never changes.

These tights are pretty sheer at 13 denier. They're sturdier than most 13 denier tights I've tried, but as with anything on the sheerer side, you're going to want to exercise caution when putting them on. Roll them up slowly and avoid tugging and pulling at all costs. It would even be worth it to moisturize your hands before handling them, or, if you have hosiery gloves, even better. All of this said, once their on, they actually fit snugger and do a better job staying in place than most of the sheerer tights I've tried. In addition, they have a comfort waistband that resists rolling and helps the tights stay in place all day long. I've tried tights in the 13 denier range from other brands and I've notice that I've had to pull them back up into place once or twice over the course of the day, I have not had this problem with the MaxMara tights.

These tights are perfect for just about any occasion. The sheerness of them helps keep the emphasis on the legs, rather than the tights, but there is a subtle shine that does help draw some attention. They're extremely lightweight which makes them a good alternative to bare legs, even as the weather starts to heat up (it WILL heat up at some point, right??).

The tights are sheer throughout, including the toe. They have flat seams and a cotton gusset. They are made from a blend of 88% nylon and 12% elastane. They come in 4 different sizes, fitting heights between 4'9" and 6'1" comfortably and they come in 4 different colors. At £10.40 (less than $17), they are a tremendous value as these really have the quality of luxury tights at a mid-range price. For the versatility of them, as well as their ability to last for many wears, with the proper care, these tights are an excellent buy.

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