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Nicholas Coleridge - and how a spirit healer changed his life

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Georgia Coleridge: healer
It's now de rigueur in the simple-minded, scrote-riddled mainstream media to deify anyone who claims to be a mumbo-jumbo slayer. So I was intrigued to see in last week's The Lady a rather good piece by 'healer' Georgia Coleridge, wife of Nicholas, Managing Director of Condé Nast in the UK which publishes Vogue, Tatler and other snob glossies.

I had no idea that she is a graduate of the professional healing course at the College of Psychic Studies or a member of the Confederation of Healing Organisations (CHO).

In her piece she describes how her husband damaged his back as a Cambridge student. Years later Georgia persuaded sceptical Nicholas to yield to the healing energies of an 'unprepossessing, limp young man' called Jeff. He cured the back problem in 10 minutes by holding his hands over the affected area. 'Twenty-two years later, he still doesn't have any trouble' with his back, writes Georgia.

Having made much sport of Nicholas Coleridge over the years because of his ghastly snobbery and worship of status and wealth, I can only describe myself as stunned to learn of Mother Supernature's intervention in his life. I am of course absolutely delighted - as a one-time NFSH spirit healer myself - and may have cause to reflect on my satire at his expense. Is it possible for Madame Arcati ever to see the light?

Do visit the Georgia Coleridge Healing website here.

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