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Men whistling in public: 25 year-old male volunteers his guilt

Friday, March 11, 2011

In 2009 Madame Arcati ran a short item titled 'Why do men of a certain age whistle tunes in public?' After all this time, a 25 year-old man has volunteered the horrible news that he, too, likes to whistle in public. I can't tell you how distressing this is to me. I had hoped that this revolting anti-social act was confined to old scrotes near their graves. But no! Apparently a new generation of whistlers is bursting forth, filling our streets/shops/air space with unsolicited tunes; or more accurately, with sad attempts to Find That Tune. That birds in the sky do not swoop down and try to mate with these noise polluters is a modern wonder.

This is the offending letter ...

I love to whistle and I am 25 so does this mean it is ok?

I don't whistle in public often but if a nice tune comes into my head I may start quietly whistling it to myself.

I think only the happy whistle and people who do whistle don't intend to invade others space.

From what I have read here it would seem you can't even smile in public without someone being uncomfortable about it or at least having a good reason to smile.

We don't ALL walk around with a chip on our shoulder

Dear Tom
Ugh! When I hear some old goat whistling I am tempted to happy slap him. Whistling is a hostile act and intended to annexe adjacent territory and cause misery to the space occupiers. I call on decent taxpayers to happy slap male whistlers. If the tune whistled is the product of musical theatre, repeat the happy slapping.

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